In our current times, online presence is not an option anymore, it is a mandatory necessity of every business or public person. Unfortunately, for those that have hectic schedules or are not very familiar with social media and websites, managing our main source of income and keeping up with online presence can get very overwhelming. In an effort to keep up with technology, strategy and protocol of online presence entrepreneurs sometimes have to outsource this task to third party contractors or even have to hire employees to specifically develop online presence and this is the part when problems can begin. Sometimes third party contractors can get very expensive, or don’t necessarily reflect the personality of the business; some other times, things just go south and the business relationship ends.At this point business owners rush to hire someone else to take care of their online presence and then realize that the previous provider left with all the passwords and the company is now mute. All the time and money invested is now captive of the previous provider and gaining access to Google, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the other accounts can be very difficult, sometimes even impossible and creating a second, third or fourth account for the business dilutes the viewer traffic and doesn’t benefit the business. With this being said, my advice to every public person, entrepreneur and business owner is to GET YOUR PASSWORDS AND USER ID’s when things are going smooth with your providers. Take control of your online presence when the relationship is in good terms because after all, it is your business and you are paying for their service, otherwise a lot of headaches can come your way and your business will feel like it is going through a nasty divorce.

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